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To buy good perfect diary lipstick to use

I am ready to start makeup for the sake of beauty. I asked my roommate to recommend cosmetics to me. My roommate recommended it to me. I tried it first and found it to be very good. Now I will share it with you:

Perfect Diary is a domestic mass brand that focuses on beauty products. There are many popular products under this brand, and lipstick is one of the more popular products. But for some people who have never used Perfect Diary, they don’t know the quality of Perfect Diary lipstick. Let’s introduce how Perfect Diary lipstick is.

The Perfect Diary lipstick is generally very easy to use. Its color saturation is relatively high and its texture is very moisturizing. Usually, it will not dry out. The most important thing is that it is cheap and cost-effective. For It is also acceptable for the student party, but it should be reminded that there are many colors of Perfect Diary lipstick, and when choosing, you must carefully combine your personal skin color, so as to enhance your personal complexion.

1. Small pink diamond C03
Small pink diamond C03 is relatively light in color, very cute and lively, extremely white apple red, the effect is amazing after application, and it will give people a sense of aura.
2. G02 ripe peach color
G02 ripe peach color is a lipstick with a relatively tender color. It will give people a lovely fairy feeling after being applied on the lips. Even applying this color without makeup is very suitable.
3. G07 deep water red
G07 deep water red is a color that is very suitable for summer. It belongs to the earthy orange color in the pink tone, and there is no sticky feeling after application.
4. G08 blood orange
G08 blood orange is a color used in the backstage of fashion week. White skin will look whiter when it is used, while yellow skin will immediately turn white when used. After smearing, it looks like a dried persimmon red color.
5. G03 Wooden Rose
G03 Wooden Rose is a particularly temperamental color. Its texture is water-mist, and it won’t give people any heaviness.
From the above content, we can know that the Perfect Diary lipstick is very good, but when choosing the color of lipstick, it must be combined with personal skin color. Because of different skin tones, the lipsticks that are suitable for use are not the same. Therefore, it is recommended that when buying lipstick, try to go to a physical store to try on the color, so that you can better choose the perfect diary lipstick number that suits you.