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Electric cycling is simple and convenient

Electric cycling is everyone’s favorite means of transportation.

An electric cycling belongs to a non-motor vehicle. electric cycling should be equipped with pedal-riding function. The weight of the vehicle should be less than 55kg, the maximum speed should be less than 25km/h, the motor work should be less than 400W, and the battery voltage should be less than 48V.

First, electric cycling is simple and convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. Ordinary people can ride them, and they can reach many places with ease of movement, such as factories, schools and vegetable markets. They don’t need to wait for buses, and they can walk if they want.

Two, electric cycling are economical, low cost, can ride tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers, the use cost is also very low, generally one degree of electricity can run dozens of kilometers, the battery can also be used for several years, the replacement cost is not high;

Three, electric cycling energies saving and environmental protection, the general family car 100 kilometers of fuel consumption is 5 to 10 liters, 125CC small pedal motorcycle 100 kilometers of fuel consumption will be about 2.2 liters, pollution, and electric cycling generally as long as 3 degrees of electricity;

Four, electric cycling riding without a driving license, also does not have to pay high insurance premiums, road maintenance fees, annual inspection and maintenance violation of regulations and other taxes and fees.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder everyone likes electric cycling. Some families have several electric cyclings, even bought a car family will buy a car, for the sake of convenience do not want to drive a car, go out to buy a food to do something is really very convenient, do not have to find a parking space so trouble, parking in the city is really not easy to stop.