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Good makeup tips to get with good blogs

Ah Mo, this article aims to help you find your favorite blogger faster.

Basic situation of vv:
Swollen eyelids, single eyelid, sensitive skin
A typical representative of daily face-lifting, a cosmetic-grade blogger with single eyelids and small eyes. It is very suitable for girls with swollen eye bubbles and single eyelids. The eyes are instantly enlarged by 10008 times. Um… too exaggerated, then 8 times better!You will find good makeup skills in her beauty blog.
Weibo (1.11 million): Vivekatt
Bilibili (1.382 million): Vivekatt

cute rain YUYU
Basic conditions of heavy rain:
Flushed cheeks | Enlarged pores | Slightly fat
Heavy Yu takes the route of a country lady, and is often teased by her.
The same is from Henan, and she has been following her since the first video became popular, and witnessed her weight loss from 216 catties to 136 catties.
Her makeup is more everyday, and the products she recommends are all cheap, which is very suitable for novices or students.Students will get useful tips in her good beauty blog.
Weibo (3.72 million): cute rain YUYU
Bilibili (2.61 million): Meng Yuyu YUYU

big guy sweeter
The basic situation of sweeter:
Acne Skin | Blemish Skin | Tear Troughs | Dark Circles
After putting on makeup, it seems like a layer of skin has been worn off, and there are a lot of dry goods beauty skills, especially the concealer series must be seen. If you are new to makeup, then don’t miss the video of Daxie Tianer.It is good to get good tricks with fashion beauty blog.
I really like this smart little freckle makeup recently released, licking my face.
Weibo (3.78 million): Big Brother Sweeter
Bilibili (918,000): Big Brother Sweeter

road together
Together with the basic situation:
Closed mouth | Blemish skin
“I think makeup is to make you feel the most comfortable state when you go out by yourself.”
“Her good looks don’t come from her skin color, her good looks come from the fact that she is a good looking human being.”
Luyi is not a prolific beauty blogger, but he must be the one who makes me feel the most comfortable and attractive to me.
Her aesthetics are different from many beauty bloggers. She respects the “imperfections” of human beings, but it is precisely these “imperfections” that are charming.
In short, this is a blogger that allows you to discover beauty and accept your unique beauty in great beauty blog.
Weibo (140,000): Road Together
Bilibili (76,000): Road together

Lonely kiwi
Video basics:
Simple | Advanced | Textured
The treasure I found at the beginning of this month is up.
The models appeared on the scene with clean and high-end makeup, and the editing and color matching all have their own style.
The blogger’s account is very young, station b has been updated since mid-September this year, and now has 8,000 followers.
Personally, I am very optimistic about this style. Although the target audience may be small, if you like this kind of makeup, then this number is a treasure for you.

You are so handsome
The basic situation of Maodan:
black and yellow skin
First of all, congratulations to Mao Danxi for becoming a mother, the baby is less than a month old.
In recent issues, I saw that she has released videos such as recommendations for good things for pregnant mothers and strategies for confinement centers. If you are already a mother-to-be, you can follow and refer to her videos.
Weibo (3.57 million): You are handsome with a hairy face
Bilibili (1.003 million): You are so handsome

Dog teacher who wants to raise a dog
Basic situation of Mr. Dog:
Flawless | Facial features are exquisite
Describe Teacher Dog in one sentence, a quirky beauty.
The facial features are small and exquisite, which is also my favorite face, and it is very suitable for everyone’s eyes.
Although there are not many fans now, I have a hunch that it will definitely become popular? !
Weibo (11,000): Mr. Dog who wants to raise a dog
Bilibili (36,000): A dog teacher who wants to raise a dog

Forever King
Xiao Wang’s basic situation:
Acne-prone skin (now the skin is in good condition)
The makeup of the blogger is relatively clear, the eyelashes are well curled, and the makeup is also beautiful. She is a young lady with a warm and oily temperament.
Weibo (144,000): King of Forever Trapped
Bilibili (210,000): King of Eternal Poverty

Where is the big face running?
Basic condition of the face:
Inner Double | Short Chin | Long Atrium | Long Face
Proper technical flow, a blogger who teaches skills with conscience. I often post picture tutorials analyzing celebrity makeup, which are very useful for friends with different needs.
Weibo (430,000): Where did the big-faced monster run?
Bilibili (230,000): Where did the big face go?