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Good perfect diary eyeshadow to use

 After reading today’s recommendation, I hope you will not be entangled and confused. I also know that many Jimei have difficulty in choosing, so I will give you Amway today! ! !
I believe that there must be many little sisters who have been planted eye shadow palettes one after another by Perfect Diary eyeshadow just like the editor, and they have released many series so far. So which series of Perfect Diary eyeshadow palette is the most commonly used?
1. Great Perfect Diary eyeshadow Explorer Twelve Color Eyeshadow Palette
1. Tiger dish
The color of perfect diary eyeshadow and the editor thinks that orange eye shadow is standard in autumn and winter.
Eye makeup in this period cannot be as simple and lively as in summer, and is more suitable for gentle warm orange tones or slightly drunk wine red tones.
These eye makeups can be applied no matter they are single or double eyelids, and they are also very suitable for little fairies with yellow skin. They are very white and give people a very warm feeling, driving away the severe winter cold.
2. Piggy plate
The piggy plate is a gentle pink color like cherry blossoms, suitable for little fairies with a girly heart!
The pink eyeshadow palette is more picky for the skin, and the makeup usually produced is relatively fresh or cute. Matching clothes and accessories should also be unified, so that the overall performance will not give people a weird feeling.
3. Cat plate
The color scheme of this cat plate is a relatively daily earth tone, with pearl and matte, which is perfect for commuting makeup. The cat plate is mainly earthy golden brown, which is a good match for novices and beginners. The plate of the remnant party, the color can be painted every day without mistakes, and this color matching is very advanced, there is a color in the second row that can be used as a blush!
For daily commuting to work, earth tones are more versatile. The matte color of this set can really reduce swelling in a second. The whole set of colors is very suitable for single eyelids and novices. If you like pearly color, you can add a little embellishment, really The shimmering, plus the shell of the cat, such a cute wallet is for you! And the one in the lower left corner is also excellent for highlighting.
2. cost-effective Perfect Diary Eyeshadow Palette
1. Fandai Plateau
The afterglow of the setting sun falls on the snow-covered plateau, reflecting a dreamlike pink-purple color, like the bright eyes of a gentle woman. Although this palette looks too much pink and purple at first glance, in fact, half of it is the basic earth tone, and the pink and purple will only make the eye makeup more bright.
4. Chitong Danxia
The beautiful red mountain, like the rays of light falling on the earth, paints the Chinese civilization with a color of “the color is like Wodan, and the color is like a bright glow”. This one is more suitable for daily makeup, and the texture of the matte pearlescent sequins is very good. Especially the sequin color in the plate is really unique! The tone is very warm, especially suitable for autumn and winter.
piggy dish
This plate is a pink and tender color scheme. The overall color scheme is a very tender pink-brown color. Of course, it also has a berry color system, which can play different tricks. The strawberry color sequins inside really hit me immediately. girlish heart,
On the whole, it is cute and energetic, pink and not vulgar, and it has an earth tone, so if you are Meimei with swollen eyes, you can also control it. It is more suitable for daily pink and tender cute girls.