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In the beautiful December, there will naturally be an endless stream of creative + high-value cosmetics beckoning to you, and they can be a good helper to create topics when you take them out to touch up makeup. If you don’t have one, Christmas will In vain! The editors of have carefully selected them that are practical, fun, and beautiful, and secretly share them with everyone. Hurry up and grab the top spot in Moments!

Convenient and fast!
Cute Macaron Nail Machine
I have a friend who makes nail glue, and I have to change my nail makeup about every two weeks. It takes more than an hour each time, which is really inconvenient. But with this Le Mini Macaron, you can stay at home and DIY your own manicure anytime, anywhere! This nail machine is light in shape, only the size of a macaron, and the built-in powerful LED light can quickly dry the nail polish in 30 seconds. After applying the brand’s exclusive gel polish, put your fingers into the machine and wait for 30 seconds. Repeat the above steps before you can have beautiful and flawless nail makeup, and the effect can last for 10 days or more!The best makeup ideas for your nail.

Candy-like fairy tale world:
Hello Kitty x O.P.I Limited Joint Nail Polish Collection
Speaking of Japan’s most representative cute cartoon characters, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Surely a lot of people will think of Hello Kitty! This November, coincides with the 41st anniversary of O.P.I and Hello Kitty, and jointly launched a limited edition nail polish series! The sweet and lovely characteristics of Hello Kitty are interpreted with 12 limited-edition nail colors. In addition to the classic colors of Hello Kitty characters, girly pink, pearl white and licorice black are added to the trendy colors of 2016. The nail polish bottle is even more covered with Kitty patterns, which must be the Must Have Item of all Hello Kitty fans.Your nail will be charming with best makeup ideas.

Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné
The Christmas makeup series is here!
The highly-anticipated Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsuné Christmas makeup joint series is finally released. The packaging mixes the essence of Paris and the Orient while still inheriting the elegant DNA of Shu Uemura. The packaging of the entire series uses orange, red, gray and green as the main tone, and is run through with playful patterns such as kimono and western clothes, croissants, coffee and green tea, presenting a gorgeous blend of France and Japan. Among them, Shu Uemura’s famous cleansing oil is particularly colorful, showing the fun of the two families and the festive feeling of Christmas.To use best makeup ideas,you will become a star.

Mysterious sexy power:
Tom Ford 2015 Christmas Makeup Collection
Known for its luscious red lips and provocative makeup, Tom Ford’s makeup collection is perfect for parties and dates. This year’s Christmas brand replaces Yeyan with calm and mysterious makeup, like the blue nail polish and eye shadow shining in the night sky, paired with nude lipstick, and mascara with a little psychedelic color, a personalized makeup that exudes from the bones is completed. Sometimes it’s better to have a mysterious personality than to be explicit and sexy.With the best makeup ideas you will get beautiful face.

The “red shoes” family has added new members:
Christian Louboutin Studded Lip Pencil
It’s true that Christmas is a great time to shop. In addition to preparing Christmas gifts for friends around me, the other reason is that many brands will launch Christmas limited series, and the exquisite packaging seems to be magical, making people unable to resist buying and buying. Estee Lauder’s Christmas makeup gift series is packed with familiar products, but after changing the packaging, it makes people want to have it again and again. Have you decided which one to buy for your friends and yourself?It is true to get best makeup ideas to make yourself more charming.

Capturing the hearts of “party animals”:
M.A.C 2015 Christmas Gift Box Collection
The coming of Christmas means that one Christmas party after another is about to be held. Want to be the protagonist in the dark? A sparkly look is essential. How can you create a great makeup look without the help of M.A.C? Brands with thousands of choices from eye shadow colors to lip colors, come to Christmas and continue to bring a series of limited gift boxes for all “party animals”. The psychedelic packaging contains different combinations of eye makeup, base makeup and lip makeup. Whether you use it along with it or match it freely, it can easily bring you a charming makeup effect and become the focus queen of the Christmas party.