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To watch good family movies with your cute kids


For the unsuitable crowd, this is Kidz Bop version calling me in your name. For the rest, this is a sweet family movie about the friendship between two different children. Very different. When Luca, the boy sea monster, ventured into the world of non marine creatures, he found that his body had become the body of a human boy. With the support of his new friend Alberto, who lives bravely on the water, Luca could see the whole world waiting for him in the sunshine of Tuscany.

Finding Nemo
This is a Disney family movie that defines a generation… and a new way to go to Sydney. Follow an anxious clown fish to find his missing son. This film takes you on a journey full of love, a unique character (Hello, Dolly!), And an overwhelming feeling, well, I think I need to call my dad more.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Are you ready to call home while eating Reese’s Pieces? This is what this forever loving alien did in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classical family movie. This family movie about the friendship between humans and stranded aliens not only touched the hearts of several generations of fans, but also won four Oscar awards. Oh, it also introduced a special little actress to the world. You may have heard of her: Drew Barrymore.

Spirited Away
Experience the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movies without age limit. “Spirited Away” is a gorgeous animated story about a young girl who found herself in the spiritual world of Japanese folklore and began to seek to return to the world. (We suggest that children over 10 years old use this, or when children can deal with the parents of the protagonist becoming pigs. Your phone number.)

Those roaring drums? After reading this sentence, the game becomes lifelike. This classic hit song about a group of children finding themselves in the all embracing board game Jumanji has become a classic in the 1990s. To say the least, this is a bright spot. Their new mentor in this story world is the great cross generational communicator: Robin Williams.

Inside Out
Another Pixar work is very suitable for pleasing the public (let the children ask why you cry). Inside Out is a journey of introspection of a young girl’s inner feelings. When she controls her family’s recent actions, she turns them into happy, sad, angry and other characters.A good family movie.

If Carrie had a happy ending in a parallel universe, it would be Mathilda. Matilda Wormwood is a young girl with a strong thirst for knowledge. She was rejected and pushed aside by her engrossed parents and the school authorities. That is, until Mathilda discovered that she had long-range power. This sounds as interesting as Danny DeVito’s adaptation of British children’s books.