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Why Canada Dedicated Server is the First Choice for Many Users?

Many users think that when it comes to dedicated servers, there’s really no difference between providers. In reality, however, you get what you pay for and can end up losing money in the long run if you don’t pick a reputable company to work with. One such provider that stands out from the crowd is Cheap Dedicated Server; when it comes to dedicated servers, it’s known for being one of the best in Canada and around the world. Here are some of the top reasons why Canada Dedicated Server has become so popular among many users in the past few years.

Well Known about Canada Dedicated Server

Canada Dedicated Server provides low-cost managed dedicated servers, making it a great choice for any small business looking to expand. The hosting services also offer windows dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers, as well as an affordable plan that includes internet and phone services. This means you can have your own private network with just one monthly payment. With a pricing plan that varies by the size of the server, this company offers options for businesses of all sizes – from emerging startups to those that need high-capacity services in order to grow and compete. Whatever your needs may be, this service will keep up with your demands!

Many benefits come with the dedicated server

Data Centers and Hosting Locations

Canada Dedicated Server, which offers services from its own data centers in Canada, is an excellent choice of hosting provider. The data centers they work with, such as Montreal and Toronto, are powered by hydroelectricity and have a reputation for being green-powered. The power in these locations helps to reduce costs that would be associated with electricity and other inputs. They provide managed dedicated servers or Windows server hosting in one location or across many different locations at varying rates which should suit most budgets. Lastly, they offer a range of support services including round-the-clock monitoring and quick account setup.

Uptime Guarantee Policy

Our uptime guarantee policy is what we always adhere to and never go back on. The difference between cheap dedicated servers, such as our quad-core offer, and windows or Linux dedicated servers – both of which provide an excellent experience for many clients and their needs – comes down to price. Our clients can save up to 80% over the time that they would otherwise have to spend setting up a new server from scratch. By relying on a pre-configured package of hardware, software, administration tools, data backups, technical support, and web hosting from us you can be assured of being secure at all times. We’ve also been certified by some big-name companies such as Microsoft Gold Partner as well as Cisco Datacenter Accredited in several data centers across Canada.

Managed Services

It began with a few hard-working and dedicated individuals, offering an inexpensive managed solution to those who wanted more than just a server. Whether you are looking for cheap dedicated server hosting, buy dedicated server hosting, or Windows dedicated server hosting – we offer high-quality products and reliable services at competitive prices. With affordable monthly plans available, we have you covered from start to finish. There’s no easier way to get your business started online!

Additional Services

It provides a number of services that provide an excellent user experience. These services include unlimited monthly bandwidth, maximum security and disaster recovery protection, and some of the fastest speeds in North America. In addition to these features, this company also offers their customers 24/7 live chat support with no wait time whatsoever. To sum it up, Canada Dedicated Server offers just about everything any hosting need can want!

3 Advantages of Working with Canada Dedicated Server

1. Affordable – You can buy a top-tier dedicated server and have it set up at your facility for a fraction of what you would pay at other places. And if you need more power, we can easily upgrade your machine to meet your growing needs and maintain the same price.

2. Quick Setup Time – We set up servers from scratch in minutes; meaning when you need an extra server running on tight deadlines, our team will have it set up quickly with no hassle.

3. Plenty of Options – When you buy a dedicated server from us, we give you lots of different models to choose from based on your needs so that you get the best one possible and don’t go overboard with processing power or memory that’s not necessary.