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Why Blog Hosting on the Best VPS Hosting Server is Better than Going for Shared Hosting?

Why blog hosting on the best VPS Hosting server is better than going for shared hosting? This is one question that serious, full-time bloggers need to get an answer to. Getting an answer to this question is more important for serious bloggers. Then the inexperienced ones mainly because the full-time bloggers manage to get high traffic on their blogs.

Shared server hosting would be the right choice for those who are just starting out with blogs. Having a few hundred visits regularly. But for blogs getting regular traffic inflow in thousands. It is always a good deal to go for the best cheap VPS server hosting.

When to Move to the Best VPS Hosting?

So, when is the right time for you, as a blogger or blog site owner. VPS hosting for WordPress from a shared server where your blog is hosted currently? You will find the right answer to this question below. You must move to the best cheap VPS server when your blog outgrows the resources available with a shared server.

The first thing to be noted here is the basic need to move from a shared server hosting environment. VPS hosting environment is necessitated when the blog site overgrows the potential of a shared server.

Now, the question here is how you will know that the hosting requirements of your blog site have outgrown. The capacity of a shared server? Certain thumb rules can help you in understanding this. Some pointers that will make you understand that this is the right time. It makes the shift from a shared server to the best cheap VPS are as follows:

Advanced Features of Best VPS Hosting

The first point to be noted in making the shift from a shared server to VPS hosting for WordPress. A blog site is where regular traffic of your blog site suddenly jumps from 1000 to 2000 visits per day. It is something above 5000 and even 8000 per day.

  • If you have included a few alluring offers on your site. If you have implemented an aggressive online marketing plan. There is every chance for your blog site to experience a huge increase in popularity resulting in traffic spikes.
  • For the ones who are of the feeling that the momentum of traffic on their website will be maintained and even anticipate a dramatic increase in traffic in the near future, it is always a good decision to get more disk space and dedicated bandwidth. This is due to the fact that the traffic increase on your site might take a toll on the server speed, followed by excessive pressure on the performance of the site.
  • For the ones who cannot afford to confront repeated downtime and are not looking for slow site loading time, it is always a good deal to change to VPS hosting for WordPress.

Is Data Security a Major Problem for You?

  • Blogs do not have a huge amount of data when they start the online journey initially. Nevertheless, after a specific time span, they accumulate data in huge amounts, and they need to protect the same from others.
  • Perhaps, there are several access details and transactions related data that the bloggers need to save from cybercriminals. Boosted data security needs to be in the perfect place for protecting all this data. And this is where the best cheap VPSservice comes into effect.
  • Moving to a more dedicated server hosting environment like VPS hosting for WordPressis one of the most effective ways of protecting the data on your blog site. If you do not take up the huge expenditure that goes into choosing a dedicated server, it is best to stick to cheap virtual private server hosting solutions. A VPS server offers bloggers better data security in comparison to a shared server.

Are You in the Look Out of Personalised Settings or Site Customisation?

  • Your blog site might have reached a stage where it is important for you to look out for more control on the server infrastructure. But this is possible only when you make the shift from a shared server and go for the best cheap VPS server, of course, based on your requirements and budget.
  • Going for a more dedicated server like cheap VPS will help you in getting more control over server infrastructure.
  • There are different facilities that the bloggers can easily change in the VPS hosting environment, and they are complete customisation of the firewall configurations, the ability to run highly advanced scripts, the capability to install more sophisticated applications and many more such facilities.
  • All these significant factors together help in enhancing the experience of the users or visitors of the blog site while not getting constrained by the restrictions of a shared server.

There are many other important factors that make it necessary for bloggers to make this big shift from a shared server to VPS hosting for WordPress. These factors include more money generation through the site, greater mailing capacity, and many more.


To conclude, it is always beneficial for bloggers to consider making a move from a shared server to a VPS server, especially if they find that their blog site is gaining popularity at a very fast pace.VPS hosting is a very popular choice among many business owners. However, if you are not sure what to look for in a VPS host, then you may end up making some costly mistakes. It’s important that you know how to choose the right VPS host so that your site can be protected and run smoothly.