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Kashmir Tour Guide: The Most Beautiful Landscapes to Visit

Kashmir and the aura of its places can never be expressed in words. It is a heaven like place with its snowy glaciers, lakes, rivers and gardens. Therefore, the unique beauty of Kashmir attracts tourists from around the world. There are many tour and travels that provide comfy deals to visit Kashmir. You can get Kashmir package from Pune with any online travels. These deals also comes with a price that you can afford. The below Kashmir tour guide will tell you about its places and their unique beauty.

Srinagar, heaven on earth

Srinagar is the largest city sprawling across the banks of Jhelum river. It is the major city and set in the heart of Kashmir valley. This city is perfect to escape the scorching or to enjoy thrill winters. It is surrounded by the Himalayas and offers some of the best natural landscapes. This heaven like place is known for its scenic lakes dotted with Shikaras and boats. Moreover, it is a town of gardens and has a Mughal past. You can visit gardens such as Night Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and Chashme shahi here.

Gulmarg, delight for thrill seekers

Gulmarg is a town in the Pir Panjal range of the Western Himalayas. It is at a height of around 9000 feet from the sea level. This meadows of flowers has snowy peaks, green lands, meadows and deep valleys. The scenic setting along with thrill sports attracts tourists from across the country. Gulmarg town is around 52 kms to the southwest of Srinagar, in the Baramulla district. It is one of the stunning places to visit in the Kashmir valley. Moreover, it is known for Ski resorts and second longest cable car of Asia.

Sonmarg, meadows of gold

Sonmarg is a pretty holiday spot full of natural beauty and thrill sports. It is perfect for those who want to spend time away from busy cities. This place will bring you closer to nature and make you admire its beauty. Sonmarg got its name from Kashmiri language which means, meadows of gold. It is a town at a height of around 2700 meters above the sea level. This town is surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers between snowy mountains and glaciers. Moreover, it is also a place for Camping and Trekking.

Pahalgam, a visual treat

Pahalgam is a must visit tourist place with its pretty sceneries and wonderful sights. This town is set at the meeting of two streams. These streams are the Liddar river and Sheshnag lake. This town used to be the village of shepherds that offered breathtaking views. It is also a visual treat with its vistas of greenery, mountains ranges and rivers. Moreover, it is a famous spot for sports like Fishing, Trekking and Angling. It is also a base camp for famous Trekking getaway to Amarnath. You will find this place dotted with Aru and Betaab valleys.


The Kashmir and its places offers the ultimate beauty of nature. You will also never get bored of the sights of its places. The above voiced points are the guide to its places and things you can enjoy. Moreover, the scenic beauty of Kashmir and its thrill sports will make your trip joyful.