Global chemical companies adopt new procurement strategies

A global chemical company based in North America adopts the global labor procurement strategy.

BearingPoint leverages industry knowledge, functional expertise, and its architecture capabilities to support companies to better respond to ongoing business changes while focusing on strategic growth plans.

Establishing the effectiveness of purchasing channel through data transparency

Our customers are an asset-intensive organization that requires a global workforce procurement strategy, including transparent and efficient processes through real-time reporting to ensure compliance with the contract.

Enabling the effectiveness of source channels requires a unified and simplified scenario, as well as overall governance across all regions.

Leverage industry capabilities and technical capabilities to provide appropriate strategies

BearingPoint provides a combination of industry knowledge, best practices of labor procurement processes (LSP), and technical architecture expertise to provide effective and feasible strategies. To support delivery, BearingPoint addresses all aspects of the strategy, including processes, organizations, reporting, and governance, and its scenarios for global alignment. The first work involved an in-depth analysis of 32 companies, including participants in the chemical industry and cross-industry organizations. The second round of work includes Market Research on the future trends of operational models, solutions, and disruptive technologies.

BearingPoint has identified a global operating model that will be delivered in five years. The model focuses on the direct benefits of a globally consistent landscape for labor procurement, focusing on providing innovation, disruptive technology, and long-term collaboration from suppliers.

Procurement worldwide to focus on efforts and investment

Global chemical companies now have consistent and transparent labor procurement. This includes a global target operating model, which includes 100% of the contract compliant procurement process while achieving operational savings through optimizing business processes with dedicated server hosting. The model also supports effective strategic procurement agreements.

The labor procurement process and its field have been adjusted globally, thus achieving greater transparency, data accuracy, and real-time reporting.

The new operation mode enables chemical companies to respond to business changes more quickly. It also enables them to focus their efforts and investments on strategic opportunities to support long-term growth.