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5 Incredibly Useful Turkey VPS Hosting Tips For Small Businesses

Identify About Our Fully Manage VPS In Turkey location

Are you looking for Best Turkey VPS Hosting you are at the right place? We provide cheap and reliable VPS server hosting for low latency and fast loading experience in Turkey and at the edge of Europe. Multi CPU core, Choice of Dedicated Ram, Huge Disk Space, Linux/Windows VPS, selection of up to Unlimited Bandwidth with all server’s customization freedom are some highlighted benefits you will get by Onlive Server.

Our virtual private servers are virtualized through Wm ware technology and virtualization is done under heavy-duty servers to ensure maximum reliability, which is duly powered and connected through the most durable internet carriers. To avoid any disastrous event, backend security is enforced on the data center as well as server level, so feel safe with us because your machines are under a well-trained and technically strong team. Enjoy low cost with the best available virtualization for Turkey-based VPS servers to your competitors in the most suitable way.

Turkey VPS Control Panel

Buy a Turkey VPS for your business and regain control of your online presence. We provide the control panel you’re familiar with, so setting up a site is fast, easy, and simple. You have access to all the same powerful features from our shared server plans, including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and e-mail accounts – at prices that fit your budget. What you’ll get: A virtual machine with its own high-performance dedicated internet connection, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail address.

Get Full Root Access and You Can Change Your Passwords by Your Own

A VPS, also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine, usually on a physical server. This VPS can be accessed remotely, with the aid of a remote desktop connection or terminal service. VPSs are often cheaper than purchasing and maintaining a dedicated server. They are also easier to set up than an individual server and are useful for users with limited IT skills, who don’t want to or have time to set up an entire server but still want to host their own websites. As well as full root access and control over system configuration. You can get a chance to change the server password on your own.

You can use any Linux Version such as Centos Debian Ubuntu

Turkey VPS for your business by Onlive Server is a very popular choice for many hosting providers. Here you can find the best offers from several web hosting providers with special offers and discounts, therefore you are able to buy Turkey VPS for your business at low prices. Onlive Server provides all versions of Linux Operating system such as:

  • Debian Linux.
  • Gentoo Linux.
  • Ubuntu Linux.
  • Linux Mint Desktop.
  • RHEL Linux Distribution.
  • CentOS Linux Distribution.
  • Fedora Linux Distribution.
  • Kali Linux Distribution.

Features of Turkey VPS Server

Get Turkey Istanbul based IP

Get your own VPS for the website to present your company. Besides protection against DDoS. Web attacks and etc. and the availability of your website you can use it with tons of different possibilities. You get VPS in Turkey, Istanbul-based IP without any limitations. We use SSD drives so our VPS is really fast and reliable

Fully Managed Services

Onlive Server offers you all the benefits of a Virtual Private Server, without the hassle of managing the hardware. Our VPS offers the flexibility of choosing from a full range of operating systems. Including Microsoft Windows and Linux, and has the network security to go with it. We manage everything for you, from bandwidth and data transfer to software updates and server reboots. Choose us for reliable and high-performance VPS hosting at a low cost.

IP latency low

Choose Onlive Server, our VPS offers great performance, reliability, and a good variety of operating systems to choose from. With low IP Latency, We offer a Virtual Private Server for as low as $20 per month with free setup. Free node selection and free migration.

KVM Hypervisor

KVM stands for “keyboard video mouse”. It is a virtualization technology that allows you to create virtual machines (VMs) on an existing computer. What does this mean for you? Now you can run multiple operating systems on the same machine. Onlive Server-based Turkey VPS provides a KVM hypervisor.

SSD storage

Buy Turkey VPS server with VPS, we sell our customers quality VPS with SSD storage. Can buy VPS plan, VPS support instant setup feature and flexible Turkey location like Istanbul, buy VPS only $20/month

You Can also Install Windows Versions

Can also install windows operating system versions like:

Windows 10 S (2017), Windows 10 (2015),Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista (2006),Windows XP (2001),Windows 12, etc. And Buy Windows VPS Now at a reasonable cost.

Opensource Centos

When it comes to your business, we want you to have the best technology, and at an affordable price. This is why we offer you a Virtual Private Server for your business . With cloud hosting and a free domain name. We know that when it comes to running a business. The big players in the industry need reliable technology but so do you. This is why we take great pride in being able to offer. You have the latest version of centos installed on demand. And cache than to ensure your traffic is fast and response times low.

You can Self-install your Web control panel

Lacking restrictions in your VPS (Windows), and complete access to User Administrator and Remote Desk. Have full control of your server and you can also self-install your web control panel.

Self-reboot restart system

Have the opportunity to self-reboot restart and reinstall your system on your own.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring has never been so easy. Its server monitoring solution is a cost-effective way to monitor critical parts of your business.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth Monitoring Server is a software development kit (SDK) designed to monitor web servers and allows you to view real-time bandwidth utilization. Monitor your database, email, and other applications to ensure you are using the right number of resources. This product comes with an extensive sample database that allows you to test the product prior to actually purchasing it.

Fully Customization

Our full customization virtual private server solution is ideal for those customers who want full control of their server environment. Configure your VPS within our easy-to-use Web Control Panel, or contact our sales representatives to create a custom solution that fits your requirements. Choose from Unlimited Bandwidth usage, Multiple Operating Systems available, Free website installation, free templates, and free hosting services.

Free Technical Assist

In addition to the standard hosting package, we offer three other hosting VPS plans designed for larger businesses–check out our Business VPS, Turbo Business VPS, and SSD Business VPS. When you purchase your hosting package with a Turkey VPN, we include a Free Technical Assist. If you are not sure which plan will work best for your business, let our sales representatives guide you through the process–we’d be glad to help you select the right plan for your business’s needs!

How can you grow your business with Turkey VPS?

Want to grow your business in Turkey? A VPS in Turkey, you get local hosting with a system that allows you to be connected directly to the Internet. With an automated backup system, reliable network, and connection, you can focus on your business instead of your technical issues. With a Turkey Virtual Private Server, you can spread the load across multiple physical systems that are networked together and connected to each other. This is a great option for those who want to host multiple websites on the same server. Turkey VPS Hosting has a number of benefits, including high stability and performance levels.

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Turkey VPS Hosting by Onlive Server is the best method to keep your data and information security. Providing your server with a constant connection makes it the best solution in protecting information loss that may occur while being transferred across the internet. join the Onlive Server network now and take advantage of our company’s offers. For more information! Call us today.